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El Salvador: Teachers Demand Salary Review

  • Teachers from El Salvador demonstrated along the Oro highway demanding a review in salaries. Jun. 30, 2022.

    Teachers from El Salvador demonstrated along the Oro highway demanding a review in salaries. Jun. 30, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@ysuca91siete

Published 30 June 2022

Salvadorian teachers and administrators of the Rutilio Grande school closed for several hours a stretch of the Oro highway to demand that the founding teachers be considered.

Teachers and administrative staff of the Rutilio Grande school, located in San Martín, department of San Salvador, closed for several hours a stretch of the Oro highway, detour to San José del Guayabal, to demand the authorities of the Ministry of Education (Mined), not to publish their positions to competition without taking into account the founding teachers of the precinct.

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Alongside the teaching staff, the students' relatives also demonstrated in defense of their rights as education workers in this center, which educates some 300 students. The demonstrators call for the educational portfolio for the non-fulfillment of the initial agreement when the school was created, which indicated that the Salary Law would absorb the founding teachers.

In January of next year, the salary review for educators, contemplated in the Teaching Career Law, will be in force. The sector unions said that the agency had not granted space to begin negotiations when there are only three months left for the Executive to present its budget proposal for the coming year.

According to a communiqué issued by the group, 12 female teachers and two male teachers and the community are also fighting for the rights of the children they serve within that educational community. In this regard, it reads that the "safeguarding of mental health concerning educational continuity" would be affected if it did not have educators who already generated an environment of trust.

The vehicular passage continues to be closed on the Oro highway, San Martín, towards SS due to the protest of parents of the Rutilio Grande School. They say that the MINED has not solved the employment situation of teachers and this affects about 300 students.

"We want the transitory decree to be approved because we are founders of the school, which we built with our own hands and with our own resources, without help from the State. MINEDUYT has not built the infrastructure, but we, the current teachers," read the document.

On the other hand, they said that the Ministry of Education has not provided the center with furniture or equipment and that currently, the ones they have were acquired with their own resources, donations from other schools, and from some civil society organizations.

"The Ministry of Education has not helped in constructing the infrastructure; we, the current teachers, did it with our own hands. UNHCR, Plan International, and the San Martin Municipal Government have been the last to help remodel the school's infrastructure," it reads.

Article 33 of the law establishes that the salary review must be periodic without exceeding three years. The most recent review was approved in 2018 and applied in 2019.

Despite the efforts of the Sindicato de Maestras y Maestros de El Salvador (Simeduco) and Bases Magisteriales to meet with the interim head of Education, Mauricio Pineda, they have not yet received a response.

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