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Colombia's Ex-President Uribe Rants On The Judiciary

  • Alvaro Uribe at the Supreme Court in Bogota, Colombia, Aug. 4, 2020.

    Alvaro Uribe at the Supreme Court in Bogota, Colombia, Aug. 4, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 13 October 2020

The far-right politician insists on eliminating the Special Court for Peace that emerged from the 2020 Peace Agreement.

After months of house arrest, Colombia's ex-President Alvaro Uribe Tuesday broke his silence to criticize the Transitional Justice System, which emerged from the 2016 Peace Agreement.


Colombian Judge Rules to Free Former President Alvaro Uribe

“We must insist on the repeal of the Special Court for Peace (JEP) and in the reform of the Havana accords, saving respect and support for those reinserted in good faith,” he said.

Uribe, who will still face a legal process for a case of witness tampering, confessed to being worried about the consequences of the judicial system inherited from the previous government.

 “I have thought a lot about the set of regulations linked to the JEP, which enshrined total impunity for atrocities such as kidnapping and rape of minors,” he said.

Several experts agree to call Uribe’s words as hypocrites for his military tactics led to mass human rights violations during his presidential term (2002-2010).

Regarding those who supported him while imprisoned, Uribe thanked the support of ethically-shady figures such as Spain's former President Jose Maria Aznar and the U.S. President Donald Trump.

Uribe also assured that he will maintain the fight for his "honorability" and said that, although his public life has generated much controversy, he cannot stop "thinking about Colombia."

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