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Colombia: Medellin Will Host a Concert Pro National Strike

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    Like "A song for Colombia" the artistic and cultural festival in Medellin wants to force President Iván Duque listen to all the demands of Colombians. | Photo: El Tiempo

Published 11 December 2019

The capital of Antioquia has been an active artistic scenario in support to the national strike days.

A student assembly of the University of Antioquia summoned at least 30 local bands to play in Medellin, on December 22nd in support of the national strike, as it happened previously in Bogota with the concert 'A song for Colombia'.


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The show “will not only be musical, but will be mixed with comparsas (carnival singers)”, Alejandra Montoya, one of the organizers of the event, explained to national media. She also said that the artistic and cultural festival was meant to force President Iván Duque to listen to all the demands of Colombians.

'Cacerolazo Sinfónico' stands out among other cultural events celebrated in the capital of Antioquia in the Park of Desires, during the days of national protests, with the presence of artists from the local university, under the call of the Departmental Committee of Paro Antioquia.

In social media, especially on Twitter, both citizens and national artists have promoted the event with the hashtag #MedellínResisteCantando, through which artists such as Mario Muñoz, vocalist of the band Doctor Krápula invited Juanes to participate in the concert.

Since the beginning of the national strike, artists have played an active role in the demonstrations, not only musicians but from all artistic genres. Demonstrators are rallying against economic plans - such as a rise in the pension age and a cut to the minimum wage for young people, as well what they say is a lack of government action to stop corruption and the murder of hundreds of human rights activists.

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