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Chile: Mapuche People Call for Actions Against Capitalism

  • The sign reads,

    The sign reads, "Freedom for the machi Celestino Cordova" and "Resistance is not terrorism", Temuco, Chile, August 13, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @arevaloprensa

Published 17 August 2020

Social organizations demand the immediate release of spiritual advisor Celestino Cordova.

Mapuche people Sunday condemned Chile's capitalist regime, which is the main responsible for the domination and oppression of this Indigenous people.


Chile: Mapuches Mobilize In Solidarity With Political Prisoners

"We are calling on the people to carry out sabotage against capital, forestry industry, and other capitalist investments that threaten Mapuche People's lives," the Arauco-Malleco Coordination (CAM) stated.

This call was made amid the Mapuche people's fight for the liberation of spiritual advisor (Machi) Celestino Cordova.

"We support the machi Celestino Cordova's struggle and all the Mapuche political prisoners," the Indigenous organization added.

They are heroes "who demand the vindication and autonomy of our territory. Together we will resist our real historical enemies," CAM announced.

After the CAM's call, dozens of Mapuche demonstrators gathered outside the Nueva Imperial Hospital to demand Cordova's release.

The spiritual authority, who has completed over 105 days on hunger strike, announced that this Monday he will stop drinking water. His decision seeks to pressure President Sebastian Piñera's administration to respect the Indigenous people's rights.

To stop his strike, Cordova urged to serve part of his sentence in his community, and the release of all the political prisoners on hunger strike.

"No authority can give him what he asks for," Chile's Justice Minister Hernan Larrain said as he announced that Cordova could only hold a few benefits. Among them, Cordova could visite his community only once for 14 or 15 hours.

Cordova's spokesperson should announce on Monday whether the Spiritual Advisor will accept this latest proposal or not.

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