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Brazilians Ask Bolsonaro Not to Comment on US Attack in Iraq

  • Jair Bolsonaro has not made major comments on the matter, however, Brazilians ask him through memes to

    Jair Bolsonaro has not made major comments on the matter, however, Brazilians ask him through memes to "stay silent" and show no support for Trump. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 January 2020

Internet users have shown their 'fear' about the reaction of the South American president, known for his incendiary comments and for being an admirer of Donald Trump.

The U.S. attack in Baghdad, which has ended the life of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani and other Iraqi military figures, represent a new escalade of tensions between Washington and Persian Gulf nations and have caused a whole series of speculations on social networks about the consequences it will have.


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While the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Hoseiní Khameneí, promised revenge, the U.S. president, Donald Trump, published a tweet with the American flag and wrote several messages to vindicate the actions in Baghdad.

However, on the other side of the world, Internet users in Brazil 'fear' the reaction of President Jair Bolsonaro, known for his incendiary comments and also for being a big fan of his American counterpart, Donald Trump.

"Iran has never won a war but has never lost a negotiation," Trump twitted and later on commented that Tehran has gained increasing control over Iraq over the past 15 years.

"The people of Iraq do not want to be dominated and controlled by Iran, but ultimately this is their choice. Over the past 15 years, Iran has gained more and more control over Iraq and the people of Iraq are not happy with this. This will never end well! ", he declared.

So far, without giving an opinion on what happened, Bolsonaro has simply said that the attack could "complicate" the fuel market in the South American country. The ultra-rightist is scheduled to meet this Friday with the Minister of Institutional Security, Augusto Heleno, to address the issue.

#BolsonaroStaySilent Bolsonaro joining twitter seeing him on trending topics.

But in social media, two hashtags have positioned themselves as 'trending topic', #BolsonaroFicaCalado [Bolsonaro, keep quiet] and #BolsonaroFicaQuieto [Bolsonaro, stay still]. Most of the publications are accompanied by memes that, in a humorous tone, express concern about the president's reaction.

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