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Bolivia Denounces Disrespect From Right-Wing of Electoral Decision

  • Pary:

    Pary: "there is a plot, promoted by the right, against the re elected government" | Photo: teleSUR

Published 26 October 2019

In spite of a conclusive outcome, the main candidate of the right-wing ignored the electoral results and deployed a campaign to discredit the voting system

Bolivian Foreign Affairs Minister Diego Pary denounced the lack of respect from the right-wing opposition in Bolivia toward voters' decision to reelect Evo Morales as president, criticizing their attempts to damage the country after last Sunday's elections.


Morales Calls on Opposition Groups To Respect Electoral Result

At the 18th Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Azerbaijan, the Bolivian official said there is a plot against the Morales administration reelected last Sunday by those who took extreme action against the government by burning electoral polling stations.

The top Bolivian diplomat recalled that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) counted 100 percent of the votes and validated President Evo Morales' victory with 47.08 percent compared to 36.51 percent achieved by his closest contender, right-wing Carlos Mesa.

#Baku | Chancellor @DiegoPary at @MNOAL_NAM reports that that #TSE released the official results of the #October 20 #GeneralElections, giving the victory to President @evoespueblo. "The Bolivian people have participated in a free and transparent electoral process.

In spite of these conclusive results, the main candidate of the right, who had already declared his intentions to ignore the electoral results, has deployed a campaign to discredit the voting system.

He even tried to instigate violence in Bolivia, and has failed to despite "the significant victory of the people, of the indigenous people, peasants and workers who see Evo as their representative."

Pary also said that it was to be expected that the right wing, backed by the Organization of American States (OAS), would try to sabotage the process of democratic and cultural transformation led by the Indigenous leader, possibly the most successful in the continent in terms of duration and economic growth.

"Our progressive vision has triumphed and social organizations recognize the social work of the government," said Pary, while affirming that Bolivia has no place for the neoliberal policies that have shaken Ecuador.

Finally, the Bolivian Foreign Minister called on the members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to unite to maintain multilateralism and defend themselves against unilateral measures that threaten the governments and peoples of independent states.​​​​​​​

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