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Black Weekend Charges Four Femicides in Argentina

  • Different feminist organizations demanded government actions against male violence

    Different feminist organizations demanded government actions against male violence | Photo: telesur

Published 16 September 2019

According to recent findings, more than two thirds of women murdered by a man last year in Argentina were killed by a partner or former partner.

Four women succumbed to femicides this past weekend in Argentina, making it one of the darkest in the nation's registy of female killings.

So far this year, nearly 200 women have been assassinated at the hands of men by virtue of being female, according to feminist organizations.


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One of this weekend's victims was a 15-year-old teenager, Navila Garay, who was found buried Sunday after she had been beaten to death. Garay had been reported missing for several days. Her violent ending was particularly shocking for the country, especially for residents in her hometown of Chascomus in Buenos Aires province where a memorial was held for the young Garay on Monday.

The “Asociacian Mujeres de la Matria Latinoamericana”, or the Women's Matria Latin American Association said that they are demanding that the Argentine government act to end such murders.

In a statement released by the association on Monday there was more than 150 "avoidable deaths" as result of male violence in Argentina from August 1st to August 31st, which means one femicide every 32 hours.

Argentinian activists have been on the forefront in Latin America to denounce the increase in femicides over the past few years. A total of 1,193 women have been murdered in Argentina since June 3, 2015, when the first #NiUnaMenos (Not One More) march took place in Buenos Aires, which shone a light internationally on the problem of violence against woman in the country and region.​​​​​​​

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