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Xenophobic Pamphlets Against Venezuelans Were Spread in Bogota

  • A group of Venezuelan migrants cross the Colombian border.

    A group of Venezuelan migrants cross the Colombian border. | Photo: Twitter/ @thelatampost

Published 18 March 2021

"The signs promote hatred towards Venezuelans, who mostly come to work decently,"  a Colombian woman said.

Colombians on Thursday rejected the appearance of several posters with xenophobic comments against Venezuelan citizens living in Bogota.


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The posters read, "Those rats are killing us. Don't give them handouts, food, or clothes. Don't rent them or give them work. Don't be an accomplice to their crimes."

The signs were taped on poles and home facades in Bogota's southwestern communities, where thefts have upsurged in recent weeks.

"The increase in violence is no reason to promote xenophobia and stigmatization against Venezuelans, who come to work decently," Colombian citizen Rosa Diaz said.

"We urge local authorities and police to increase control in the peripheral neighborhoods to avoid assaults and insecurity," neighbor Gloria Gomez added.

The xenophobic messages were spread one week after Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez blamed Venezuelans without evidence for some violent events that took place in the capital.

"They murder first and then they steal. We need guarantees for Colombians," she said, alluding to the neighboring country's migrants.

Last month after President Ivan Duque created a temporary protection status for Venezuelan migrants. He made that decision amid his country's crisis prompted by killings of social leaders, the pandemic, and the COVID-19 vaccine shortage.

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