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West’s Sanctions Against Russia Limit Agricultural Exports

  • Russia said that sanctions against the Kremlin continue limiting exports. Aug. 26, 2022.

    Russia said that sanctions against the Kremlin continue limiting exports. Aug. 26, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@CarnegieRussia

Published 26 August 2022

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the sanctions imposed on the Russian federation continue affecting exports.

In light of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Western countries have imposed several sanctions, which continue to restrain the Russian agricultural produce and fertilizers exports to the international market, according to Friday's statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


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The Ministry said that to implement a memorandum between Russia and the UN regarding exports of Russian agricultural products and fertilizers, there is much to be done.

"Despite statements made by Washington and Brussels that anti-Russian sanctions do not apply to foodstuffs and fertilizers, blocking obstacles to banking settlements, insurance and carriage of cargo occurred as a result of their introduction still remain in place," said the Ministry.

The Russian Ministry highlighted that Russia's share in the global food market structure is much greater than in Ukraine. "In 2021, grain exports stood at 43 mln tonnes, while it is planned to increase this figure to 50 mln tonnes of products in this year," it emphasized.

"For the time being, 7-8 mln tonnes of fertilizers and raw materials sufficient to produce food for 100 mln people remain blocked at shipping terminals because of Western sanctions," said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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