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Video Shows Colombian Officer Loading Drugs Into Small Plane

  • A Police officer loading the cocaine cargo, Bogota, Colombia, May 23, 2021.

    A Police officer loading the cocaine cargo, Bogota, Colombia, May 23, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @AbelDavidJara

Published 19 August 2021

Police captain Jorge Aguilar was involved in the corruption network since he called the security officials of the Providencia island airport to allow the drug passage.

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office has a video showing a Police officer helping to load over 446 kg of cocaine on a Beechcraf plane at the Guaymaral airport, where the anti-narcotics headquarters of Bogota are located.


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From that place, the drug was transported to the San Andres Island airport, where authorities found the cocaine camouflaged among COVID-19 masks on May 25. Previously, the shipment could enter the Guaymaral airport because the officials did not register the van that was transporting it. This deliberate omission, however, was detected by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

So far, the Prosecutor's Office has established charges against Juan Cadena and Harold Rivera, the pilots of the Narco Plane, and Police Captain Jorge Aguilar, who asked the security of Providencia island airport to let the drugs pass.

Also involved in the crime were the entrepreneurs of the Interandes Helicopters Company Miguel Jaramillo, and Fernando Escobar, who owned the plane. However, they claimed to be unaware of the contents of the cargo, claiming that their aircraft was rented for humanitarian purposes.

The tweet reads, "This is the video that would prove the participation of the Police in the Providencia narco plane case. What do you think? Are we, or are we not, a Narco State in which the Police help to load drugs?"

The authorities presume that this cocaine shipment would have been transported from Providencia to some Central American territory, where Mexican traffickers would have been in charge of moving it to the United States.

Drug trafficking from Colombia has often political backing. In 2020, President Ivan Duque was accused of financing his presidential campaign and buying ballots with money from drug trafficking activities carried out by Jose Hernandez (aka Ñeñe), who appeared on social networks as his close friend.

This international criminal also mentioned Duque and former President Alvaro Uribe in conversations recorded by the local police. Up to now, however, these politicians continue to deny any illegal connection with this drug dealer.

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