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Venezuelans Ask the United Nations to Stop the Genocide in Gaza

  • Pro-Palestine rally at the UN headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 21, 2023.

    Pro-Palestine rally at the UN headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 21, 2023. | Photo: X/ @MieloDan

Published 21 October 2023

"We want the United Nations to either serve or be replaced by a democratic organization," the Palestine Solidarity Platform said.

On Saturday, Venezuelans held a rally in front of the United Nations headquarters in Caracas to ask this multilateral institution to stop the genocide that Israel is perpetrating in Gaza.


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They also requested that the UN "guarantee peace in humanity" or that it be replaced by another institution that would allow people to be represented on equal terms.

"We are making some demands on that body that has become an entelechy, a kind of decoration for humanity. We want the UN to either serve or be replaced by a democratic organization, where the people of the world have a voice and vote," the Palestine Solidarity Platform spokesperson Hindu Anderi said.

“The United Nations is complicit in the situation that the people of Palestine are experiencing. This brother people that is being massacred," he stressed.

The texts read, "In the capital city and other peripheral cities, hundreds of people gathered to demand Israel's ceasefire against Palestine and demonstrate in favor of dignity, self-determination, life, and hope." "A huge Palestinian flag traveled through Caracas until it reached the United Nations headquarters to demand an end to the Israeli attack and ask for justice on behalf of Venezuelans and the Palestinian community residing in the country."

Hojjatollah Soltani, the Iranian ambassador to Venezuela, also took part in the demonstration. He said that he attended the march to support Palestine.

“Today, the Palestinian cause is a human cause. A people is being massacred and victim of genocide by a Zionist, terrorist regime called Israel," he said.

Meanwhile, Venezuelans carried banners comparing the Israeli flag with the symbol of Nazism, and displaying phrases such as "Say NO to Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine!"

From Oct. 7 to Oct. 21, Israeli bombings of Gaza have left 4,469 Palestinians dead and some 14,000 people injured. Seventy percent of the victims are children, women and the elderly.

"If you support Israel, then give them your land," shouted a young Venezuelan outraged by the events in Gaza, as showed by social media.

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