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Venezuelan Opposition Celebrates amid Low Protest Turnout

  • Opposition supporters echo their leaders declaration that the Venezuelan government is now

    Opposition supporters echo their leaders declaration that the Venezuelan government is now "officially a dictatorship." | Photo: teleSUR / Reagan Des Vignes

Published 1 April 2017

"Conversations between the opposition and the government should continue," an opposition supporter said.

Venezuela's opposition celebrated the reversal of the Supreme Court's decision, made earlier this week, which sought to give the head of state temporary power on specific decisions over the creation of mixed enterprises. The decision was announced while hundreds gathered on Saturday morning in protest against what they called "an official dictatorship."

Venezuela Top Court Reverses Ruling on National Assembly Powers

However, before the decision was heard, opposition supporters like Manuel Cadenas, lamented the low protester turnout.

"There isn't much support reflected in the streets. What we lack is organisation," he said.

Many echoed this sentiment as about 500 congregated in Plaza Brion, in Chacaito. Among demonstrators there was a sentiment that opposition leaders must do more, and better, to create awareness and inspire hope.

"Conversations between the opposition and the government should continue. They need to put us before their arguments on ideology. We are not doing well as a nation," a demonstrator said.

"We need international support. We don't have want a dictatorship here. We don't have a Venezuelan government: we have a group of people solely pushing the concept of the Bolivarain Revolution." | Photo: teleSUR / Reagan Des Vignes

Speaking from the gathering in Chacaito, National Assembly head, Julio Borges, declared that even though the decision has been reversed, the country still remains in a "coup d'etat".

"They want to make the world see that they have recanted and that sentences have been pushed back. We must ask the other Venezuelan institutions to participate in accordance with the constitution and the conscience. And, above all, I want to send a message to the Armed Forces, because we want the National Armed Forces of Venezuela to help fulfill the constitution," he said.

This all comes just a week after the Secretary General of the U.S.-dominated Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, held a special session with member states with a vigorous aim of applying the Inter-American Democratic Charter against Venezuela. The move was shot down.

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