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Venezuelan Institutions Seek Cooperation With Iran

  • Venezuelan Institutions Seek Cooperation With Iran

    | Photo: VTV

Published 16 September 2022

Venezuelan state institutions associated with the area of health and the development of scientific research expect that the Iran-Venezuela Scientific, Technological and Industrial Fair will allow them to create strategic alliances in these areas.

"Basically, we expect to create alliances, alliances at the health level to continue helping the Venezuelan people in everything related to health," said Quimbiotec's head of public affairs, Giselle Longa, in an interview with Sputnik Agency.

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On Wednesday, President Nicolas Maduro inaugurated the Iran-Venezuela Scientific, Technological and Industrial Expo Fair intending to strengthen the commercial, scientific, industrial and technological exchange between the two nations.

More than 300 Venezuelan businessmen have been summoned to participate in the event that welcomes 79 representatives of the Persian nation until September 19.

Longa assured that Venezuela has an important portfolio of medicines to offer to the Iranian market and products for therapeutic use contained in human plasma.

Quimbiotec, the State's pharmaceutical technological conglomerate, is the business arm of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) and its main objective is to promote links between the science, technology and industry sectors to contribute to the development of the country.

For his part, IVIC researcher, José Cardiel, expressed that the meeting is an opportunity to disseminate the research developed by the organization and, at the same time, to evaluate the possibilities of cooperation with Iran.

"Through this fair, together with Iran, we are disseminating all the research in stem cell biology and the clinical applications that we have developed, first the dissemination at the level of all the attendees and then the possibilities of collaboration with Iran, which also has an important resource in this area," he indicated.

According to the Government, the fair is a first step towards installing a technological industrial park to develop the country's food, health and education.

In the inaugural event, Maduro also informed that the meeting would allow essential alliances in the automotive area and emphasized that vehicles of Iranian origin would be assembled in Venezuela.

The President also mentioned that the sanctions against Iran have not hindered its growth and development and stressed that the Persian nation ranks fourth in the world in nanotechnology. Hence, he considered that Venezuela could use its equipment and inputs.

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