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Venezuela Welcomes 69 Tons of Medicine From China

  • Chinese medical shipments to Venezuela

    Chinese medical shipments to Venezuela | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 May 2019

As part of a bilateral agreement, several shipments have made their way to the South American country since the end of March.

A total of 69 tons of medicines and health supplies sent from the People's Republic of China arrived Monday in Venezuela, adding up to the previous 200 tons that have been sent in the past.

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The first similar shipment the Bolivarian Republic received from China, sent on March 29, consisting of 65 tons of medicine - while this delivery was mislabeled as 'military' support to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic. On May 13 and 16, respectively 71 and 64 more tons were sent.

China's assistance has been one of the various agreements the Venezuelan government has reached with other countries and international organization in order to guarantee the availability of medicines in the country.

Both Venezuela and China maintain close political and economic ties and have so for several years. China, along with Russia, has defended Venezuela at many U.N. Security Council meetings in which the U.S. and its allies attempt to pass resolutions against the Bolivarian Republic.

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