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Venezuela Reinforces Border Citing Negligence by Colombia

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro deploys troops to the border with Colombia.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro deploys troops to the border with Colombia.

Published 9 November 2018

Venenzuelan President Nicolas Maduro issued a statement announcing deployment of troops to reinforce its border with Colombia. 

On Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made a speech in response to recent attacks on the Venezuelan military on the border Colombia. He will deploy more troops to the border to help address the lack of security in the area as a result of what he implied was a dereliction of duty by the former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, current President Ivan Duque, and the Colombian military stationed at the border.


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In his statement, he reinterated that Venenzuela was a country of peace, saying "You can count on me to fight for the peace that Venezuela deserves." 

He also admonished the former president of Colombia for promising to station more troops on the border in order to prevent the area from falling into lawlessness but never fulfilled his promise. He continued by criticizing the current Colombian President Ivan Duque for continuing to ignore the problem. 

Maduro said that he, on the other hand, would "do everything he could to secure the border" and that this action was an action to ensure peace at the border and for the Venezuelan people. 

The attack on the border necessitating this speech, took place this past Sunday, Nov 4, and was carried out by Colombian paramilitary groups in which three soliders from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces lost their lives, and another 10 were wounded. 

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