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Venezuela Govt Shows Proof of Guaido Leading a 'Criminal Group'

  • Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez

    Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 September 2019

Rodriguez urged judicial authorities to investigate accordingly and determine the responsabilities of the actions carried out by the "criminal group."

Venezuela's Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez affirmed Thursday that opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido spearheaded a criminal organization that was transferring national bonds to foreign countries, especially the United States.

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"The Venezuelan people know who Juan Guaido is. He does not (represent) a political project, basically it's a criminal group," Rodriguez said in a press conference.

To support her claims, Rodriguez presented a phone conversation between Vanessa Neumann, and Manuel Avendaño, who both work as Guaido's advisers.

Neumann, who lives in the United States, said in the phone conversation that the actions the self-declared interim president organized in Venezuela had been planned since January 2019.

In July, Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez reported that two security guards of Guaido had been captured for trying to sell weapons stolen from the National Guard in the run up to Guaido’s failed coup d'état attempt of the government, April 30.

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