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Venezuela Denounces New Incursion by US Aircraft

  • The new airspace violation by another US aircraft occurred at 09:52 (local time)

    The new airspace violation by another US aircraft occurred at 09:52 (local time) | Photo: Mippci

Published 22 July 2019

Illegal incursions attempts and violations of Venezuelan air space have increased by 167 percent during this year 2019.


The vice president of Communication, Tourism and Culture of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez denounced on Monday a new violation of Venezuelan air space by an aircraft from the United States.

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During a press conference, the Venezuelan vice-president explained that at 09:52 hours (local time), a new violation occurred on the part of the US aircraft model EP-3E ARIES II, a specialist plane used in intelligence, war and electronic espionage, in the airspace of the South American nation.

Rodríguez explained that the violation occurred when the aircraft did not communicate its flight plan when venturing into Venezuelan airspace, so the aviation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces ( FANB ) proceeded to intercept and later eject the plane.

The official recalled that last Friday, July 19, north of the Venezuelan archipelago Los Roques, another U.S. aircraft flew. for the airspace of Venezuela.

"By flying over the Flight Information Region (FIR) of Maiquetía, this in addition to spying produces a danger within the airspace of Venezuela," he said.

Rodriguez also noted that since January of this year (2019), violations and incursions into Venezuelan airspace have increased by 167 percent, in addition to having detected at least 78 opportunities a violation of the Maiquetía FIR.

"These US planes that have entered illegally within Venezuelan airspace, have the ability to carry missiles, as well as high technology and extensive electronic capabilities," said the Venezuelan sector vice president.

After these continued illegal incursions, Rodriguez pointed out that the South American country will remain firmly respecting and enforcing the Constitution of Venezuela.

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