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Uruguay: Ex-President Tabare Vazquez's Health Remains Stable

  • Ex-President Tabare Vazquez, Uruguay, 2020

    Ex-President Tabare Vazquez, Uruguay, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @Subrayado

Published 30 November 2020

Although he recovered from lung cancer in December 2019, his health remained compromised.

Uruguay's former President Tabare Vazquez's health condition remains "stable" after surfing an acute thrombosis in his left leg and an infection on Saturday.


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"He is very well, talking -as every day- with us, making stories of all his past life, of the political activity, of the soccer activity, receiving some closer friends and taking care of himself a lot because of the health condition," Alvaro Vazquez said.

According to Vazquez's son President Luis Lacalle Pou, Vice president Beatriz Argimon and other political figures called to inquire about his father's health and his prompt recovery. 

In August 2019, the former president, aged 80, announced a pulmonary cancerous tumor from which he recovered on December 13th after having medical intervention. 

The meme reads, "Tabare Vasquez!! With his presidential mandates, Uruguay began to be a fairer country."

Tabare Vazquez became the first leftist leader in Uruguayan history by winning the 2004 elections as the candidate of the Broad Front (BF).

On March 1, he handed over the presidential office to Lacalle Pou with whom he had traveled to Argentina in December for the inauguration of Alberto Fernandez.

"I want you to remember me, if you do, as a serious and responsible president, who did his best to fulfill the commitments we had promised in the election campaign and who led people to vote for us," Vazquez stressed.


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