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US to Impose New Sanctions on Iran, 'Will Unite Iranian Nation'

  • U.S. to impose sanctions on Iran.

    U.S. to impose sanctions on Iran. | Photo: Reuters FILE

Published 2 November 2018

As a response to Friday's threat to reimpose sanctions on Iran, Lawmaker Mahmoud Sadeghi, said that the Iranian people will unite.

The United States will impose new sanctions against Iran next week, and, according to the Trump administration these would be the toughest ones ever placed on Iran. President Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May, which means that previously lifted financial sanctions can now go into force again, next week.

Minister: US 'Addicted to Sanctions' Seeking to Overthrow Iran

As a response to the threat, Iranian Lawmaker Mahmoud Sadeghi said these new U.S. sanctions on Tehran will unite the Iranian people. 

“Iranians become more united whenever Iran faces foreign threats ... political factions and Iranians from different layers of the society will confront (U.S. President Donald) Trump’s bullying tactics,” Sadeghi said in a statement.

The sanctions will mainly affect Iran's oil exports, and also the banking and shipping sectors, which are strategic sectors on the country's economy. Iranians fear an even more painful squeeze on living costs after additional U.S. sanctions take effect on Monday, from businesses struggling to buy raw materials to the sick and elderly unable to afford life-saving medicines.

As a response, the Russian Energy minister has stated that Moscow will continue trading relations with Teheran, mainly with oil, despite the U.S. sanctions. “We believe we should look for mechanisms that would allow us to continue developing co-operation with our partners, with Iran,” said Minister Alexander Novak, The Financial Times reported.

“Our ultimate aim is to compel Iran to permanently abandon its well-documented outlaw activities and behave as a normal country,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained to reporters on Friday in a conference call.

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