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US: Bolton Praises Bolsonaro, Threatens Progressive Governments

  • John Bolton Praises Jair Bolsonaro and Threatened Progressive Governments in Latin America.

    John Bolton Praises Jair Bolsonaro and Threatened Progressive Governments in Latin America. | Photo: Reuters

Published 1 November 2018

The speech, given by Bolton, also intends to interfere with democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

The United States national security advisor, John Bolton, praised Brazilian president-elect, far-right and dictatorship supporter, Jair Bolsonaro saying that his election is a "positive sign" for the region. On the same speech, the U.S. government representative attacked and threatened democratically elected, progressive governments in Latin America: Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua accusing them of being a "troika of tyranny".

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Bolton praised Bolsonaro and Colombian President Ivan Duque in the same speech where he said that “under this administration, we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores in this hemisphere. We will not reward firing squads, torturers, and murderers."

In a speech at Miami Dade Colleg's Freedom Tower, Bolton said that "the recent elections of like-minded leaders in key countries, including Ivan Duque in Colombia, and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil are positive signs for the future of the region, and demonstrate a growing regional commitment to free-market principles and open, transparent, and accountable governance."

Bolsonaro has been internationally criticized for his defence of the Brazilian Dictatorship (1964-1985), his consistent attacks on minorities and his contempt for democracy, which was highlighted during the last presidential campaign. On a similar vein, the president of Colombia Ivan Duque has been backed by the narco-paramilitary far-right group Aguilas Negras, or Black Eagles.

The speech, given by Bolton, also intends to interfere with the democratically elected governments in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.  “Under President Trump, the United States is taking direct action against all three regimes to defend the rule of law, liberty, and basic human decency in our region,” Bolton said, threatening what may turn out to be an important intensification of U.S. interference in the continent.

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Bolton said that "this is not a time to back away. It’s a time to increase the pressure, not reduce it." This quote could be taken as the confirmation of what many analysts fear, a more active and military focused intervention in these countries. The rise of the right-wing in Latin America has been imminent, as the U.S. government has increased its attacks on the progressive governments. Bolton also announced new sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba, including a ban on U.S. citizens that are trading with Venezuelan gold.

Listing several military interventions by the United States around the world over the past few decades, the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, said on September 26th, speaking at the United Nations Security Council Wednesday that the U.S. and particularly the government of Donald Trump were not interested in democracy or peace. "In recent months, the United States has demonstrated its contempt for international law and multilateralism. It constantly invades countries and launches missiles. The U.S. is not interested in justice or democracy," Morales told the leaders of the 15 member states of the U.N. Security Council.

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