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US Democratic Race: Warren Urged to Endorse Sanders

  • Warren failed to make it out of third place in any of the states of the Super Tuesday.

    Warren failed to make it out of third place in any of the states of the Super Tuesday. | Photo: EFE

Published 4 March 2020

The #BuildTogether hashtag went viral among both Sanders and Warren camps.

A good number of progressive Democratic voters are calling for an end to the infighting between Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with some of their supporters urging the latter to suspend its campaign and endorse the Senator of Vermont for the Democratic party's nomination.


Super Tuesday: 'At Stake Is the Soul of the Democratic Party'

The calls came after Super Tuesday’s results showed the race is now clearly divided between former Vice President and establishment candidate Joe Biden and progressive Sanders. Biden picked up 10 of 14 states, including key state Texas, while Sanders won four states, including California, the big prize of last night.

Warren failed to make it out of third place in any of the states of the Super Tuesday, including her home state, Massachusetts.

With the #BuildTogether hashtag going viral among both Sanders and Warren camps, journalist Sam Adler-Bell said the "posts are quite obviously an effort to build goodwill between two support bases that absolutely must combine to defeat the corporate/billionaire wing of the party. I have no patience for anyone upset about it."

Warren's campaign manager, Roger Lau, sent an email to staffers Wednesday announcing that Warren is meeting with her team to "assess the path forward."

"This decision is in her hands," Lau wrote, adding that "it's important that she has the time and space to consider what comes next."

This announcement came after billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg abandoned the presidential race Wednesday following extremely disappointing results. Bloomberg directly sided behind Biden, with his senior adviser Tim O'Brien saying that the former mayor of New York City will put his resources "in the broadest way possible behind Joe Biden's candidacy."

Investigative reporter Alex Kotch said in a series of tweets that Bloomberg's endorsement to support Biden only increases the importance of Warren's next steps.

According to a national Quinnipiac poll released last month, 33 percent of Warren supporters say Sanders is their second choice for president, a number some experts argued could rise if Warren backs Sanders.

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