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UNICEF: 10 200 Children Killed or Injured by Saudi War in Yemen

  • UN's children's funding body, UNICEF, says 47 children were

    UN's children's funding body, UNICEF, says 47 children were "killed or maimed" in Yemen's civil war in two months. | Photo: Twitter @trtworld

Published 12 March 2022

More than 10 200 Yemeni children have been killed or injured since the start of the war launched by the Saudi coalition against them in 2015, UNICEF warns.

Since the conflict erupted in Yemen nearly seven years ago, the United Nations has verified that more than 10 200 children have been killed or injured. 


Iran Calls on UN to Punish Riyadh for War Crimes in Yemen

It is likely that the real figure is much higher," clarified this Saturday the representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Yemen, Philippe Duamelle. 

He also asserted that, as a result of the intensification of the conflict in 2021 in this region, violence has increased this year and, as always, children are the ones who suffer the most. 

In this regard, he reported the number of minors killed during the first two months of the current year, detailing that 47 Yemeni children were killed or injured. 

He further called on all parties involved in Yemen's war and those who have influence over it to protect civilians. "The safety of children, their well-being, and protection must be ensured at all times," he said.

The dire humanitarian situation facing the Yemeni population began in March 2015, with the start of the bombing and blockade campaign by Saudi Arabia and its allies, with the intention of restoring Yemen's fugitive former president Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi to power.

Human rights organizations keep warning of the catastrophic consequences of the conflict in Yemen, yet Riyadh has ignored the voices calling for an end to the war and accountability for the crimes it has committed in the poorest country in the Arab world.

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