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UN Announces Participation in Dialogue Table in Ecuador

  • Ecuador welcomes UN representative at Dialogue Tables. Aug. 31, 2022.

    Ecuador welcomes UN representative at Dialogue Tables. Aug. 31, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@gabydelgado1211

Published 31 August 2022

Indigenous organizations ask the government not to include agricultural products in Free Trade Agreements.

The United Nations-UN, through the Rapporteur for Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities Affairs, Francisco Calí Tzay, announced his participation on Wednesday in the dialogue between the Government of Ecuador and indigenous sectors.

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The Ministry of Government released the information by saying that the rapporteur will know the methodology with which the dialogues are developed. He will also hold meetings with representatives of the Executive and indigenous organizations.

The participation of the UN representative was one of the requests of the indigenous groups that in June developed a day of protests throughout the country due to the increase in the cost of living, whose solution was the installation of several dialogue tables.

The table of productive development ended one more day of work on Monday afternoon at the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference (CEE), the headquarters and mediator of the dialogues between the Government and the indigenous sectors.

It is of great concern that 45 days have passed, attending with capacity and proposals, and we have not had results; the Government is using the dialogue as a mechanism and strategy to dissuade the processes of struggle. At 15:00, we will make an evaluation and decision making.

According to the representatives, there were no agreements or coincidences, but the Government proposed to create an agricultural commission to address issues related to trade agreements.

The technical dialogue tables have a term of 90 days to reach agreements on the ten points of the list of demands, according to the agreement signed between the Government and the indigenous and peasant organizations, which put an end to the mobilizations of last June.

The protests, which took place between June 13 and 30, resulted in seven deaths, including six demonstrators.


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