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U.S. Billionaire, Dick Uihlein, Faces Boycott

  • Dick Uihlein faces boycotts

    Dick Uihlein faces boycotts | Photo: Twitter/@thanewisc

Published 21 January 2022

U.S. billionaire’s business faces boycotts for having challenged Joe Biden’s victory.

It was recently revealed that billionaire Dick Uihlein offered millions to conservative groups hoping to challenge president Joe Biden’s 2020 victory against Donald Trump.


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The American billionaire is facing boycotts of his multinational company, Uline, after the revelation that he gave big checks to right-wing groups to challenge Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections.  

The watchdog Center for Media and Democracy showed that the money was given through the nonprofit Ed Uihlein Family Foundation, later underlined by the American news website Daily Beast.

Uihlein donated over $1 million to the Conservative Partnership Institute, of which Mark Meadows, the former chief of staff, is a senior partner. Its senior legal fellow and its Election Integrity Network chair is Trump campaign attorney Cleta Mitchell.

The Daily Beast claims that the Federalist Society, funded by Uihlein, includes members who helped discredit the election results, in unison with the conservative activist group Judicial Watch, also supported by the billionaire, is said to have challenged the actual results. Former President Trump insists persistently on proving the fraudulence of the election, but he has not so far officially confirmed anything.

In the wake of Biden’s victory, the integrity of the election results was put in doubt by Uihlein and his wife, who are one of the GOP’s top donors. The Federalist, The American Conservative, and Sons of Liberty are some organizations receiving support worth $25,000 and $750,000 each. As well as the Center for Security Policy think tank, receiving a donation of over $700,000

Liberal activists have denounced and rejected Uihlein due to his grant-giving habits. The president of Accountable.US, Kyle Herrig, said to the Daily Beast that the billionaire is funding hate and sedition.

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