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Trump Turns Migrant Caravan Into Election Issue, Renews Call for 'Big Wall'

  • "We need to build the fast wall. We have to protect our borders," said the U.S. President Donald Trump during a rally at Houston Tuesday. | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 October 2018

Trump said that a wall should be built immediately at the Mexico border to stop the caravan from entering the country.

United States President Donald Trump returned to his 2016 presidential election campaign rhetoric during a speech meant to excite Republican voters ahead of the mid-term elections in November by calling for urgent funding to be granted for a wall to be built on the country's border with Mexico.


AMLO Speaks Up For Rights of Honduran Migrants Caravan

During the speech, which was given at an event in support of Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Houston, Trump sought to turn the migrant caravan traveling from Honduras to the United States into an election issue for the mid-terms.

"In that caravan comes very bad people, very bad and we must not let them enter," Trump said in front of over 18,000 supporters.

He called for the wall to be built immediately to stop the caravan entering the country.

"We need to build the fast wall. We have to protect our borders ... if we do not have borders, we do not have a country," he said.

Trump said he spoke with the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott about the need to erect the wall quickly to stop the caravan.

Activist Eva Fernandez, who has been with the migrant caravan told teleSUR correspondent Santiago Boton at the Guatemala-Mexico border Wednesday, "They asked for help from the Canadian government and other countries, which could provide political asylum; in case U.S. President Trump really does obstruct the entrance of the Migrant Caravan because Hondurans will not be able to return to their country."


Trump blamed the Democrats for promoting the migrant caravan adding that they want to create sanctuary cities for MS-13 and "illegal aliens," however any snapshot taken of the caravan shows many of the participants are fleeing from violence and extreme poverty. 

"I think the Democrats have something to do with that. The Democratic Party is now encouraging millions of illegals to reach the United States. Illegal immigration is going to corrupt our country. These countries (from Central America) do not send us to the best, what they do is a good way to discard what they do not want," argued Trump adding that he will send as many troops as necessary to the Mexican border to arrest the migrants.

According to him, the Democrats want to make this country a country of crime. He also vowed to focus the Nov. 6 mid-term elections on the caravan of migrants, among other issues.

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