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The 'Farmers March' Demands Structural Reforms in Paraguay

  • Rural Workers march in Asuncion, Paraguay, March. 25, 2021.

    Rural Workers march in Asuncion, Paraguay, March. 25, 2021. | Photo: EFE

Published 25 March 2021

For over 20 days, farmers and rural workers have staged nationwide protests demanding the resignation of President Abdo.

Paraguay's National Federation of Farmers (FNC) on Thursday insisted on the immediate resignation of President Mario Abdo and the implementation of authentic structural reforms.


Paraguay's Congress Not To Impeach President Abdo

Citizens assured that political corruption worsened the health emergency, which has seen a lack of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds to attend to patients.

Besides Asuncion, mobilizations took place in the Alto Parana, Canindeyu, and Concepcion departments to demand policies to revitalize the economy.

"Abdo does not have a development plan for our country... He is an incompetent president. We do not see any change," FNC Secretary Teodolina Villalba said. 

The meme reads, "Out to the corrupt and sellers of the Homeland. Out Mario Abdo and all his successors. The XXVII Farmers' March starts at 7.30 from the former Metropolitan Seminary to the Pantheon."

The FNC annual march also ran into mobilizations staged by the National Coordinator of Indigenous and Agricultural Organizations. 

On Wednesday, Health Minister Julio Borba confirmed the presence in the country of the Brazilian strain, which puts the already weakened national health system in a more difficult situation. 

Rural workers also demanded Vice President Hugo Velazquez resign due to his "poor performance" and his unequal deal with Brazil over the Itaipu hydroelectric plant. 

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