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Paraguay's Congress Not To Impeach President Abdo

  • A woman walks with a flag on a street guarded by police officers, Asuncion, Paraguay.

    A woman walks with a flag on a street guarded by police officers, Asuncion, Paraguay. | Photo: Twitter/ @leeheeseunghy

Published 18 March 2021

The lawmakers voted against an initiative that the Liberal Party proposed due to Mario Abdo's notorious ineptitude in handling the pandemic.

Paraguayans on Wednesday took to the streets in Asuncion city to protest against Congress' decision to reject the impeachment of President Mario Abdo.


Paraguay: Lawmakers Call for President Abdo's Impeachment

The Police repressed the protest that took place in front of Congress' headquarters with tear gas, pressurized water, and rubber bullets. At least 24 citizens were arrested.

During the clashes, commercial establishments and vehicles were set on fire and destroyed. Firefighters extinguished a small fire that broke out at the ruling Colorado Party's headquarters.

Social anger was unleashed after Congress voted on the impeachment requested by the opposition Liberal Party due to the President's ineptitude in handling the pandemic. The initiative received 42 votes against, 36 votes in favor, and two absences.

Since March 5, the Paraguayan people have been demanding Abdo's resignation over the health crisis caused by the shortage of vaccines and drugs to treat COVID-19 patients.

"Abdo and his cabinet must leave power. They downplayed the pandemic's impact and did nothing to avert the crisis. Hospitals are collapsing," opposition lawmaker Kattya Gonzalez warned.

Since March 2020, the 7.6 million-population country has recorded over 183,000 COVID-19 infections and 3,554 deaths from the disease.

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