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Speech by President of Honduras at Beginning of the New Year

  • President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Jan. 1, 2024.

    President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Jan. 1, 2024. | Photo: X/@LaTribunahn

Published 1 January 2024

Honduras will assume the pro tempore presidency of CELAC and SICA.

The president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, made this Monday, January 1, a balance of the achievements and challenges of her administration halfway through her term.

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The president referred to the public debt which in 2009 was 5 billion dollars, and during the narco-dictatorship rose to 20 thousand, a case that is already in the hands of the Public Prosecutor's Office for investigation, she said. 

Xiomara Castro also pointed out that her administration has decided to strengthen the agricultural sector. The president raised the energy tariff, for being one of the lowest in the region and thus benefiting the Honduran people. 

Likewise she mentioned that according to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Central American country is the sixth economy in economic growth, above the Latin American powers. 

The tweet reads, "The President of the Republic, Xiomara Castro, highlighted the achievements of her current government. She also mentioned that those who corrupted the State are opposed to democratic changes."

In this regard, the president said that funds were injected to build roads and bridges boxes, noting that this 2024 will be invested 15 billion lempiras in roads, the largest investment in history. 

91% of budget execution 

The recovery of Empresa de Energía Eléctrica continues, more than 80 bids for its recovery, including the construction of dams. 

Concessions were cancelled and 300 ENEE properties were recovered for energy production. 

The People's Republic of China donated 7 billion lempiras to invest in 12,000 schools.

The Ministry of Education will have the largest injection of funds to strengthen the School Feeding project, which is among the top 5 worldwide. 

At the international level

Xiomara Castro spoke of the recovery of Honduran forests, reducing destruction and recovering protected areas. 

She referred to the work and the blows against drug trafficking and criminal structures, highlighting that after a decade drug traffickers are finally being prosecuted. The president mentioned the restructuring of Honduran prisons. She said that this year a prison will be built in Isla del Cisne where known criminals will be incarcerated. 

The president added that Honduras will assume the pro tempore presidency of CELAC and SICA. She also spoke about the approval of the UN to accompany the installation of the CICIH, in an autonomous manner. In this sense, she referred to the new Public Prosecutor's Office that has executed archived cases. 

The president referred to the lewd ZEDE project, and the approval of the inter-oceanic train.

She also mentioned the urgent need to improve health services, noting that no more excuses are acceptable and asked all state institutions to unite in the construction of a better health system. Xiomara Castro spoke of the 8 hospitals under construction and the promotion of more specialized hospitals.

Furthermore, she condemned the attacks on Palestine. The president called as well for mobilization in the coming weeks, in support of the National Congress, which in the past was the hub of corruption.

The Honduran President referred to the resignation of the Minister of Finance, Rixi Moncada. "I would like to announce that I have received the letter of resignation of the Minister of Finance, Rixi Moncada, whom I thank for her invaluable support in the organization of the State's finances, her decision is a wise decision that I acknowledge with satisfaction," she said. 

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