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Spain: Galicia Bans Public Smoking to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

  • Police speak with a man who smoked on a terrace of a bar, Coruña, Spain, August 13, 2020.

    Police speak with a man who smoked on a terrace of a bar, Coruña, Spain, August 13, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 13 August 2020

So far, Spain has reported 379,799 COVID-19 cases and 28,605 deaths.

In Spain, Galicia Thursday banned smoking in public places in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.


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The authorities of this autonomous community announced a prohibition on lighting up in the street and outdoor spaces, including restaurants and bars, if a two-meter distance cannot be maintained between people.

The officials hold that there is an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission for people smoking or vaping as they have to remove their mask and have repeated contact with their fingers and mouth.

Galicia is the first Spanish region to impose this measure, although other local authorities are also considering similar restrictions.

 “It is a measure that should be adopted now throughout Spain, at least during the pandemic,” the anti-smoking group NoFumadores President Raquel Fernandez said.

So far, regional authorities have imposed measures such as selective lockdowns on localities in their territories, limits to the number of persons visiting nursing homes, and the reduction of the hours of hotel and nightlife venues.

Spain, which has been one of Europe’s worst-affected countries by the pandemic, has reported 379,799 COVID-19 cases and 28,605 deaths.

Rising infection rates in Catalonia, Aragon, and Navarre have prompted some European countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany, to reimpose travel quarantines or advise against trips to Spain.

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