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Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams Join Kaepernick's $1M Pledge

  • Music artist Snoop Dogg performs during halftime in the NFC Wild Card playoff football game between Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams.

    Music artist Snoop Dogg performs during halftime in the NFC Wild Card playoff football game between Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 January 2018

As NFL star Colin Kaepernick comes close to completing his pledge, celebrities are giving tens of thousands of dollars to groups he is supporting.

Renowned Black rapper Snoop Dogg and Tennis legend Serena Williams have joined NFL player Colin Kaepernick's US$1 million pledge, donating money to African-American organizations in the U.S. as part of his campaign against police brutality and racism in the United States.

Haters Gonna Hate: Kaepernick Gives $50,000 to Meals on Wheels

Kaepernick, who has already donated more than US$900,000 to more than 40 organizations, has been encouraging celebrities in the U.S. to suggest groups he could donate to and also asking them to match his donations in a campaign he’s calling #10for10.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has been giving US$100,000 a month since he announced his pledge late 2016. Mothers Against Police Brutality is the latest organization Kaepernick is giving US$10,000. Snoop Dogg has decided to not only match his donation but to more than double it, giving the group US$25,000.

In an Instagram post Monday, the rapper stated that he wanted to make the additional donation because he was “so inspired” by the work the group was doing, which is a Texas-based organization that helps unite mothers who have lost their children to police violence so they can advocate for civil rights and police reform.

Meanwhile Serena Williams asked Kaepernick to donate money to a Los Angeles-based organization called Imagine LA, which helps homeless families. The skilled Tennis player is matching his donation of US$10,000 to the group. 

After Fidel, Malcolm and Ali, Kaepernick Sports Black Panthers

The NFL star made headlines in 2016 when he kicked off a peaceful protest to highlight police brutality against Black people and other people of color by refusing to stand during the playing of the U.S. national anthem at NFL games. 

He vowed to continue his protest until the end of racial injustice in the United States even after being attacked by some pro-police and pro-military people in the country who called his protest unpatriotic and an insult to the country’s army, which he denies.

The NFL star and his protest have also garnered tremendous support from current and former professional athletes as well as many anti-racist organizations around the country.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers, becoming a free agent for the 2017 season but he was not signed by any of the NFL teams in what many called a attempt to punish him for his anti-police brutality and anti-racism protest against the flag.

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