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Senegal: Sonko Calls Protests Against Sall’s Possible Candidacy

  • Ousmane Sonka, Oppostion leader of Senegal. Jul. 3, 2023.

    Ousmane Sonka, Oppostion leader of Senegal. Jul. 3, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@Pros___ngoor_sn

Published 3 July 2023

An increase in political polarization in the country is expected in the coming days, if Macky Sall's candidacy for the 2024 elections comes to fruition.


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The Senegalese opposition called this Monday to new popular protests before a possible of the current president Macky Sall. He urged protest to stand up as one. He appealed to all Senegalese ¨…to go out en masse to end this criminal regime¨.

The current constitution of Senegal prohibits a third presidential reelection, but even so the current president plans to announce a possible relaunch. This fact has ignited the country's political landscape, provoking harsh criticism  from the opposition and an upturn in street protests that have already left nearly 20 dead in the last month.

Sonko is gaining more and more followers, especially among young people, for his defense of democratic ideas that denounce the strong corruption that prevails in the country. He is known for his "anti-system" speech and for criticizing bad governance, and French neocolonialism. He is seen by many young Senegalese as an alternative and a change in the country's political sphere.

Sonko addressed the Senegalese “This is not an Ousmane Sonko fight as some are tempted to believe. We are a barrier against the abuses of Macky Sall and we should all make sure that this barrier is reinforced every day¨.

Gangs of hooded youth have been created in the streets who have built rustic barricades to prevent vehicular traffic. Many young boys, as the well-known Lamina and his collogues, have taken to the streets of the country's capital, Dakar, obstructing the passage of vehicles and asking drivers to "return home if they do not want to fight for freedom." in the country.

Ousmane Sonko has also called on the high command of the army to defend the security and democratic guarantees of the people in their right to protest, in the face of what he called a decadent regime that only knows how to resort to popular repression.


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