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Salvadoran Government Gives Seed Capital To Returned Migrants

  • Salvadorean government gives seed capital to returned migrants for their businesses to ensure their adaptation to the country.

    Salvadorean government gives seed capital to returned migrants for their businesses to ensure their adaptation to the country. | Photo: Presidencia de El Salvador

Published 5 December 2018

Salvadorean president Salvador Sanchez Ceren gave seed capital to 144 returned Salvadorans, to improve their businesses.

Salvadorean President Salvador Sanchez Ceren launched on Wednesday the pilot project for the  Economic and Psychosocial Reintegration for Returned Persons (businesses.), implemented by the government to give social and economic opportunities to migrants that have returned to the country.

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"People who return to El Salvador are citizens capable of contributing to the development, so they deserve to be properly reinserted into the life of the country," said Sanchez Ceren, during his speech in the inauguration ceremony of the initiative, that was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Sanchez Ceren, delivered seed capital for an amount of $ 319,000 to 144 Salvadorans returned from the U.S. to improve the businesses they already have, as was informed by the country's Presidency. Explaining that the beneficiaries may receive financial assistance of up to $ 3,500, depending on the business or businesses they have.

"It is carried out with the support of the National Commission of Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has an economic backing through the delivery of seed capital," stated the Presidency. 

The project aims to help migrants that have returned to the Central American country and pretends to develop new sources of work in the country so other Salvadoreans are not forced to leave the country. it is part of the program, El Salvador es Tu Casa (El Salvador Is Your Home), an institutional strategy giving services and incentives, such as psychological assistance, academic, working and entrepreneurial opportunities, to people returning to El Salvador.

"[This] is not an assistance project but a transformation project, we believe, we want and we know that you are going to become actors of transformation in this country," President Sanchez Ceren told the persons who received the economic incentive.

El Salvador is governed by the left-wing Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) party, that fought against the tyrannical military dictatorship in El Salvador in the 1980's.

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