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Russia To Host Greater Eurasian Partnership's Educational Forum

  • A forum on science and technology.

    A forum on science and technology. | Photo: TV BRICS

Published 21 September 2023

The GEP forum's topics are related to cooperation for the development of science, tech, and innovation.

Starting Monday, Sept. 25, the Greater Eurasian Partnership (GEP) forum will discuss how to develop common positions in the educational, scientific, and technological spheres in order to create a unified social and humanitarian environment for cooperation and development.


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The GEP, which consists of the EEU, SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, countries of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, integrates the efforts of all these countries and associations in their endeavor to develop and increase their role in the global community.

Such multifaceted and voluminous work is impossible without constant exchange of views and reconciliation of positions on scientific and educational issues.

This is the engine of economic growth for the GEP states, which are facing modern challenges in the spheres of economy and digitalization.

The GEP forum's main topics are "Strengthening humanitarian ties between civilizations: towards Greater Eurasia", " Common Eurasian intellectual space: partnership in education and science" and "University contribution to digital transformation."

The participants will discuss a wide range of issues that concern the creation of a common mechanism of scientific and educational cooperation, the establishment of effective academic exchange, the reformatting of traditional curricula to digital transformation, and ways to expand cooperation between universities and IT-companies, and much more.

Speeches and reports of heads of universities from Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, representatives of educational institutions and scientific organizations from Syria, India, China, Kazakhstan and other countries are planned.

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