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Russia: Poland Fears a Leak of Its Expansion Plans to Ukraine

  • The Chief of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said that Poland is nervous about the leak of its plans on Western Ukraine. Jul. 12, 2022.

    The Chief of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said that Poland is nervous about the leak of its plans on Western Ukraine. Jul. 12, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Hawkeye1745

Published 12 July 2022

On Tuesday, the Russian Chief of the Foreign Intelligence Service said that Poland fears a leak on their plans to dismember Ukraine.

Sergey Naryshkin, director of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, said that the Polish administration is trying to hide its intentions to expand to Western Ukraine; it fears the leak of its plans of dismembering Ukraine.

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"Information coming to the Service indicates a nervous reaction of Poland's leadership to the fact that its plans of dismembering Ukraine have come into the public eye," said the Russian official. According to Naryshkin, Poland didn't expect either Kiev, Washington, or Moscow to notice its plans to take Ukrainian territories in light of the tough geopolitical standoff.

"Poland hoped that when the conflict in Ukraine reaches a phase of diplomatic settlement, the sides will have to recognize 'Poland's expansion' as an accomplished fact. Now, following the leak of sensible information the Polish leadership has to quiet concerns of its NATO and EU' friends,'" said the Russian director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

According to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Warsaw seeks to correct the situation by making propaganda, ordering the media to make a campaign to disguise Poland's actions toward strengthening its positions in Ukraine and refute "rumors." Naryshkin said that Poland will mainly work for creating an image of "collective participation" of all Ukraine's neighbors in Kiev's affairs, by cooperating more closely with the situation in Ukraine.

Warsaw wants to launch a media campaign that will mask the strengthening of its position in Ukraine. This was stated by the director of the SVR Sergey Naryshkin. The Russian intelligence service has already stated that Poland wants to occupy part of Ukraine and create a state there.

"Warsaw seems not to see that its "secret" ambitions and complexes have been a source of taunting and irritation for its 'patrons' for years. By the way, the unclassified documents of the Foreign Intelligence Service have an articulate characteristic given by British Foreign Secretary John Simon back in 1935, who said that the Polish government's childish policy of prestige was hindering peacebuilding in Europe and suited neither its political, nor financial, nor military position," said the Russian chief.

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