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Puebla Group Holds Its 9th Meeting in Mexico

  • File photo of the Puebla Group members.

    File photo of the Puebla Group members. | Photo: X/ @progresaLatam

Published 29 September 2023

“The forces of the right want to land in Latin America and we have to fight them with progressive positions,” Former President Samper said.

From Friday to Sunday, the Puebla Group will hold its 9th Meeting in Puebla, Mexico, where former presidents and progressive Ibero-American intellectuals will present foreign policy proposals.


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More specifically, the Group will analyze its international agenda to fight hunger, economic blockades, the climate crisis, and deglobalization.

Other topics under debate will be the creation of a Latin American common currency, the new multilateralism, the convergence of subregional integration institutions, the new solidarity model of development, the energy transition, and Latin American insertion in the global South through spaces such as the BRICS, and a proposed ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia.

The meeting will be attended by former presidents Ernesto Samper (Colombia), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Leonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic) and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain).

Through virtual greetings during the inaugural conference, the participation of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and former presidents Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), and Pepe Mujica (Uruguay) are also expected.

As special guests there will be personalities such as the Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, the Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena, the National Coordinator of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation in Mexico Claudia Sheinbaum, and the Argentine Climate Change Minister Cecilia Nicolini.

The Latin American Council of Justice and Democracy (CLAJUD) will present the books “the OAS in the time of Almagro” and “Legal wars against democracy: lawfare in Latin America.”

Referring to the importance of a meeting of leftist politicians and intellectuals, former President Samper said that “we have to identify the Puebla Group's international positions, taking into account that there are right-wing forces that want to land in Latin America. We have to fight them with progressive positions.”

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