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Progressives Rejoice as Biden's Lead Weakens After Debate: Poll

  • Front-runner Joe Biden

    Front-runner Joe Biden | Photo: Flickr

Published 3 July 2019

Bernie Sanders comes in second place at 18 percent behind Joe Biden's 25 percent lead, while Warren and Harris compete over third place. 

Joe Biden remains comfortably ahead as a new poll, reported on by Politico reveals the former vice president remains in the lead but has lost some percentage points following last week's debate, while Bernie Sander Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are the only other contenders polling above one percent among Democratic supporters. 


Bernie Sanders Dem Debate: Education, Health Care For All

The data showed that Harris is growing in support at the expense of Joe Biden, shaving a few percentage points off his lead. 

Democratic supporters were polled in two forms. Firstly, they were asked for their preferred candidate without being presented with a list of options.

In this instance, Biden stood at 25 percent, with the left-wing candidate Bernie Sanders at 18 percent. They were followed by a tie for third place between the centrist Kamala Harris and center-left Elizabeth Warren, both at 9 percent. Pete Buttigieg was the only other candidate to register, standing at just 1 percent.

However, voters were then asked the same question but with the full list of candidates to choose from. Biden and Sanders remained as the two front runners with 29 percent and 23 percent respectively. Harris and Warren remain tied, but at 11 percent.

This latest poll puts into question an earlier survey by CNN, following the first debate which placed Kamala Harris in 2nd place, rather than Sanders.

The new Washington Post poll suggests that Sanders is the leading candidate of the left, most likely to beat former VP Joe Biden. As opposed to Elizabeth Warren. Though Warren has been praised by many as a progressive ‘policy wonk’, many on the left reject Warren’s progressive credentials, U.S. socialist magazine Jacobin has pointed out that Warren is lukewarm on Medicare for all.

Furthermore, in a recent interview with CNBC, Warren declared, “ I am a capitalist. Come on. I believe in markets.”

On foreign policy, Sanders and Hawaii Senator Tulsi Gabbard have been the most outspoken in opposing the war on Iran and military intervention in Venezuela.

However, Gabbard, who is polling at 1 percent according to the Washington Post, is the only Democrat leadership candidate to also unequivocally oppose U.S. economic sanctions on both Venezuela and Iran. 

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