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People Around the World Reject US Intervention in Venezuela

  • Demonstrators in favor of peace and sovereignty for Venezuela, in Paris France.

    Demonstrators in favor of peace and sovereignty for Venezuela, in Paris France. | Photo: Twitter: @EmbavenezParis

Published 23 February 2019

Demonstrations supporting Venezuela's government are using the hashtags #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela and #VenezuelaEnDefensaDeLaPaz (Venezuela In Defense Of Peace).

People around the world have expressed solidarity with Venezuela and have rejected the United States government's interventionism and the attempted coup in Venezuela.

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Demonstrations in support ofthe Venezuelan government on social media are mainly under the hashtags #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela and #VenezuelaEnDefensaDeLaPaz (Venezuela In Defense Of Peace). The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry has shared several posts to show the support received by the Bolivarian government in different countries and cities around the world.

These various shows of solidarity favor peace and independence in Venezuela based on a strong rejection of the attempted coup d'etat perpetrated by self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaido and backed by the U.S. and its allies.

Strong shows of support for the Venezuelan government and people happened in several cities and states of the United States. In a video posted by the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Jorge Arreaza, an important march took place on Wall Street in New York, "to reject the aggressions against Venezuela and to show support to President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution."

"Today on Wall Street, New York, social movements were mobilized to reject the aggressions against Venezuela and demonstrate their support for the President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution"

According to teleSUR's Alina Duarte, people also protested in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, in favor of Venezuela and against the blockades imposed against Cuba and Venezuela. Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Oakland, Califoria are some of the other cities where demonstrations were held against a "U.S. War on Venezuela."

Likewise, it has been stated that the alleged "humanitarian aid" sent by the U.S. has only served to promote military aggression against Venezuela. However, President Maduro has insisted that the population does not need it, but what is needed is to eliminate the illegal blockade imposed by the "imperialist government" and its allies, so that the Venezuelan state can use its resources and pay for the products needed.

Unions and social movements from Portugal gathered to show their support for Venezuela. In Paris, the French capital, dozens of people gathered to reiterate their call for peace in Venezuela. In Canada, sectors of the population marched from the headquarters of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office to the US embassy to demand "that he keep his greedy hands out of Venezuela's resources."

In London (United Kingdom) the former mayor of that city, Ken (the Red) Livingstone, participated in a protest against the Bank of England to demand that they return Venezuelan gold. In the protest, the slogan No Blood For Oil could be seen in hashtags on banners.

In the German capital of Berlin, dozens of people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate, in front of the U.S. Embassy in that country. Another mobilization was held in Stockholm (Sweden).

Several countries and peoples of Latin America expressed their support for the Bolivarian Revolution regardless of how their governments are politically aligned.  For example, the Venezuelan embassy in Peru stated that the Socialist Youth went to the central square of Arequipa, to defend the Bolivarian Revolution against imperialist threats. Important artists like Cuban Silvio Rodriguez, Argentine Piero or Roger Waters, co-founder of Pink Floyd, have also expressed their rejection to U.S. interventionism.

Other expressions of solidarity with the government and Venezuelan people have occurred in Switzerland, Australia, Jordan, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Angola, Mozambique, Vietnam, among other nations that defend international law and the self-determination of peoples.

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