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Paramilitary Group Backs Duque, Vows to Exterminate Opposition

  • The Black Eagles are a narco-paramilitary group that claims their goal is

    The Black Eagles are a narco-paramilitary group that claims their goal is "social cleansing." | Photo: Social media

Published 10 August 2018

The narco-paramilitary group, Aguilas Negras, vowed to exterminate "everyone who participated and continues to promote Humane Colombia."

The Southwestern bloc of the Colombian narco-paramilitary group Aguilas Negras, or Black Eagles, issued a flyer Thursday endorsing the government of president Ivan Duque and declaring the political platform Humane Colombia, led by former presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, as a military target.

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"The Black Eagles reiterate our position at a regional level to counter the urban structures of insurgency camouflaged as social leaders and direct our bloc to stop the advancement of the so-called Humane Colombia that promotes progressive governments... prone to left-wing organizations and opposed to the political project proposed by doctor Ivan Duque."

According to the communique the results of the latest presidential elections, which confirmed the victory of Ivan Duque, former president Alvaro Uribe's protege, legitimize the group's position. 

The document also states that Humane Colombia seeks to win the next local elections to gain power over assemblies, municipalities, governorships and municipal councils. "Hence the need to continue the process of extermination of everyone who participated and continues to promote Humane Colombia," the communique said.

Since the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the government of Juan Manuel Santos signed the peace accords in 2016, at least 400 social leaders have been murdered.

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In July, Ana Maria Cortes, a social leader and the coordinator of Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign in the city of Caceres, Antioquia was murdered after receiving threats from paramilitary groups.

While according to official sources, 40 members of the demobilized FARC have been murdered since the peace accords were signed. 

Other "military targets," identified by the bloc include: the Green Alliance party, the Communist party, the National Movements of Victims of State Crimes (Movice), the Central Union of Workers (CUT), the Congress of the Peoples, and over 21 social leaders identified by name. 

The organizations and people who have been threatened by the paramilitary group issued a statement placing responsibility on the state "led by Mr. Ivan Duque Marquez, the governorship of the Department of the Valle del Cauca led by Dilian Francisca Toro, Colonel Royer Gomez Herrera, commanding officer of the III Brigade of the National Army, and Colonel Wilson Javier Gonzalez Delgadillo, commanding officer of the Police Command in Valle del Cauca" for any violation of human rights perpetrated by the Black Eagles.   

A recent report by Colombia's ombudsman, Carlos Alfonso Negret, revealed most murders against social leaders were registered in the departments of Valle del Cauca, Antioquia, and Norte de Santander.  

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