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Newspaper Highlights Impact of Caravans Against the US Blockade

  • "We are not going to stop until the cruelty of the blockade that weighs on Cuban families ends." Professor Carlos Lazo, founder and organizer of the Bridges of Love Initiative. | Photo: Twitter @pcbnescor

Published 31 May 2021

The publication at Diario Latinoamericano dealt with the caravan's impact against the U.S. blockade in Miami, FL, the center of conservative sectors that support that policy described by the United Nations as genocidal and criminal.

Diario Latinoamericano, a publication of Neo Citizens Group Inc, highlighted today the impact of the caravans held this Sunday worldwide, particularly in South Florida, against the 60-year-old U.S. blockade against Cuba. "The silence of Miami is worse than that of the lambs, but what they are silent about is what makes the most noise about the U.S. blockade against Cuba," noted the report.


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The World Anti-Cuba Blockade Caravan united thousands and thousands of people who marched through the streets of the world on foot, in cars, bicycles, and even horses to demand the unconditional end to the unfair and illegal commercial, financial, psychological, diplomatic, and media war against Cuba, the press release referred.

The author of the newspaper's article highlighted the march in Miami, stressing the particular importance because it is the one place in the world where, unfortunately, and cowardly, the blockade receives the most support.

In its 10th edition, this last event reached a record number of participants, with over 100 cars, bicycles, and other means of transportation and the active participation of over 200 people. The event had two remarkable features, one very positive in terms of its message and a second, but equally "remarkable."

The event achieved a "huge visual impact" for its demand to President Joe Biden to fulfill his campaign promises and reinstate family reunification, remittances, and travel procedures, Diario Latinoamericano reported.

Meanwhile, the presence of about twenty "haters," the classic Miami "opponents," was a negative feature, but it was to be expected. They "contributed to add color" to the event with offenses and hate speech in a petty attempt to counteract the enormous impact that the "Bridges of Love" initiative is having, the report said.

"President Biden, who are you going to listen to, those who did not vote for you and will never vote for you on any Democratic project or those who voted for you trusting that you could do something good for both the American people and the Cuban family?", the author of the article asked.


Carlos Lazo
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