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New Migrant Group Sneaks Into Mexico by Crossing Suchiate River

  • Migrants marching in a caravan cross the Suchiate river on the outskirts of Hidalgo city, Mexico, Jan. 23, 2020.

    Migrants marching in a caravan cross the Suchiate river on the outskirts of Hidalgo city, Mexico, Jan. 23, 2020. | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 January 2020

Central American asylum seekers heading to the U.S. entered Mexico at dawn without facing resistance.​​​​

Hundreds of Central American migrants Thursday managed to enter Mexican territory after crossing the Suchiate River, which is the natural border between Mexico and Guatemala.


Mexico Guarantees Entry Conditions For The Migrant Caravan

A week ago, hundreds of Hondurans left their country to Guatemala intending to reach the southern border of the United States to apply for asylum.

On Monday, they tried to enter Mexico through its border with Guatemala where the National Guard was waiting to prevent them from passing.

According to Mexico's National Institute of Migration (INM), however, about 500 people managed to enter Mexican territory but the vast majority of them were arrested in the following hours.

In the early hours of Thursday, migrants gathered in Tecun Uman city to leave towards the Suchiate river where the Mexican National Guard does not maintain much presence.

"Migration's toughest face. A Honduran boy brushes his teeth after spending the night on the Suchiate river's bank while awaiting the fate of the Migrant Caravan, which was stopped by the National Guard when it tried to cross into Mexico."

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSD) issued a new warning to members of the migrant caravan who are trying to reach its country.

In case of reaching the US-Mexico border, "any member of the caravan will be prosecuted accordingly and will quickly be separated, returned or repatriated,​​​​​​" the HSD acting secretary Chad Wolf said.

“Being part of a large group, such as a caravan, does not provide any special treatment or benefits to those who participate,” he added.

So far, the Mexican government has deported 254 people, who entered into its territory with this new caravan, to Honduras, as local media reported.


Chad Wolf
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