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Netflix Latin America VP Predicts 'Diverse Mexico' Portrayal

  • Narcos: Mexico

    Narcos: Mexico | Photo: Narcos: Netflix - Facebook Page

Published 17 February 2019

With the announcement that Netflix is to open offices in Mexico, the streaming sites' Latin American VP Francisco Ramos says he is looking forward to seeing a 'Diverse Mexico' being portrayed.

Mexican publication SinEmbargo earlier this week announced that Netflix will open its first offices in Mexico, with an estimated 50 new projects showing Mexican content predicted for release.

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Francisco Ramos, Vice President of International Originales for Latin America and Spain of Netflix, claimed the new productions will show how diverse Mexico is. "The goal is very clear, Netflix wants to show the "diverse Mexicans" to the world through series, films, documentaries, and other programs, such as comedy specials," Ramos told SinEmbargo. "The reality from the point of view of the authors, of the writers, of the directors, the producers, not from our point of view. We are a vehicle to tell stories, but we are not the storytellers."

Arguably the most popular Mexican-based content currently on Netflix has to be the widely-acclaimed docu-drama Narcos, which was based in Mexico in the third season.

"I would like to think that [the series are] super Mexican. It is what I would most proud and I would be satisfied, that the Netflix member perceives that what we are telling him is about us, about who we are, where we come from, where we are going as a country, as people, as Mexicans," continued Ramos. 

For Latin American audiences, 2019 is shaping-up to be an exciting year, with the release of Monarca, a series produced by Desperado star    Salma Hayek. This comes after the announcement that a movie based on the tragic life and death of singer Selena Perez is to be released later this year. 

The new offices are to be located in Mexico City, and was confirmed by Netflix executive director of content, Ted Sarandos. 

Speaking to SinEmbargo, Sarandos stated his excitement at the possibility of generating more Latin American content, saying "Mexico's wealth of talent in-front of, and behind the scenes, was key to the decision we made four years ago when we began our original production strategy at the international level with Club de Cuervos. Since then, we have continued to expand our investment and continue to provide a platform for Mexican talent to continue to be recognized around the world." 

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