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Migrant Caravan Continues To Advance Through Chiapas

  • Migrant caravan in Chiapas, Mexico, Nov. 22, 2021.

    Migrant caravan in Chiapas, Mexico, Nov. 22, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @JohnJnich001

Published 22 November 2021

Since September, however, Mexican authorities have thwarted the advance of four previous caravans. They have deported some 74,300 undocumented migrants so far this year.

On Monday, the Central American caravan arrived at the Mapatepec municipality in Chiapas after having traveled over 100 kilometers amid an inclement weather.


We Will Continue To Attend Undocumented Migrants: Mexico

Last night, thousands of undocumented migrants left the Escuintla municipality where they rested all Sunday to heal wounds and recover from the long walk they have undertaken.

"People are calm but they have been walking since dawn and there are hundreds of women and children waiting to be cared for," Salvadoran Cecilio Hernandez said, adding that the Central American migrants need help from the population to reach Mexico City.

Referring to the solidarity of the population, Luis Garcia, a spokesman for migrants, said that some Chiapas mayors have not supported the solution of water, food, and health problems at all. "With or without permission, we will enter the municipalities of Mapstepec, Pijijiapan, Tonala, and Arriaga because it is a humanitarian crisis and people are fleeing their countries," he said, adding that his caravan includes over 1,700 minors from about 14 countries.

The Ulapa Pentecoste church offered food to the migrants and used a truck to transport people from the highway to the central park of the Mapstepec municipality. Simultaneously, the caravan that arrived in Veracruz last week is advancing from the Acayucan town to northern Mexico through one of the most dangerous regions.

Exhausted after traveling over 600 kilometers, many families with children have decided to abandon this caravan and take advantage of the regularization proposal made by the National Migration Institute (INM).

Those who manage to stay in these two caravans hope to reach the U.S.-Mexican border to request asylum from the Joe Biden administration. Since September, however, Mexican security forces have thwarted the advance of four previous caravans that wanted to do the same. The Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador administration has deported some 74,300 undocumented migrants since the beginning of the year.

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