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Mexico's Day of the Dead Dedicated to Earthquake Victims

  • The victims of the Sept. 19 earthquake will be honored at the cultural celebration.

    The victims of the Sept. 19 earthquake will be honored at the cultural celebration. | Photo: EFE

Published 28 October 2017

Mexicans are celebrating one of their main cultural heritage festivals.

Mexico's celebration of the Day of the Dead will include a ceremony to remember the 355 victims of the recent earthquake, as well as a recognition of the thousands of volunteers who helped the victims.

Mexico Kicks Off Week of Celebrations for Day of the Dead

Rosa Rodriguez, from the Secretariat for Rural Development and Equity for Communities, said that the celebration will serve as a tribute to those who died during the earthquake on Sept. 19 in Mexico City.

Among the celebrations organized by the government of Mexico City and nearby delegations, will be a large parade of people dressed and painted as skulls, some like the popular “Catrina," the name of a skull painted by artist Jose Guadalupe Posada which depicts an elegant woman.

The parade will go through the streets towards the Paseo de la Reforma until it reaches the capital's Zocalo, the main plaza.

Since Friday hundreds have staged the Monumental Offering, a symbol of the solidarity culture, offering food for everyone. Attendees will have flowers, traditional clothing, and traditional food and drinks.

The celebrations began at the National Museum of Popular Cultures in Mexico and have been taking place all week long.

The Effects of Mexico's 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

The tradition celebrates life and death and is part of the cultural heritage of Mexico, as well as other countries of Latin America in honor of the Nov. 2 Day of the Dead.

More than 100,000 people are expected to participate, especially from Xochimilco, where communities decorate tombs with flowers and candles.

In addition, members of the community from different delegations will work on clean up activities in the cemeteries and the road, as well as security task to safeguard the lives of those traveling to cemeteries around the country.

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