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London: Police Officers Accused of Nine New Sex Crimes

  • A London Metropolitan Police officer faces 29 charges of sexual abuse. Jan. 10, 2022.

    A London Metropolitan Police officer faces 29 charges of sexual abuse. Jan. 10, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@PoliceP

Published 10 January 2022

David Carrick, London Metropolitan Police officer, has been accused of nine new charges, including rape, facing a total of 29 charges of sexual abuse.

On Monday, the Crown Prosecution Service released nine new charges against the 47-year-old London Metropolitan Police officer, David Carrick, who is now facing 29 charges of sexual abuse, including six counts of rape.


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The charges include six counts of rape, one count of attempted rape, one count of assault by penetration, and one count of coercive and controlling behavior, in relation to four women, between 2009 and 2018. In October, the police officer was first accused by a woman he met on the Tinder app, accusing him of pressuring her into getting drunk and having sex with her against her will.

Despite denying the accusation more women came forward with more accusations, claiming he had raped them, with a total of eight women accusing him; the charges against Carrick indicate that the officer raped prolifically. As a result of the accusation, he has been suspended from duty, and he will stand on Wednesday in the Westminster magistrates' court.

Cressida Dick, London Police Commissioner, expressed her concerns about the accusation made against Carrick when he was first arrested in October but will not speak as the criminal proceedings were underway.

The charges against Carrick are one of several scandals from last year. Wayne Couzens, a police officer, was given a life sentence for falsely imprisoning, raping and murdering Sarah Everard.

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