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Liberal Party Wins Elections in Canada

  • Justin Trudeau, Canada, 2021

    Justin Trudeau, Canada, 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @EmbajadaAbierta

Published 21 September 2021

Nevertheless, it failed to achieve an absolute majority at the Commons House and will have to negotiate with opposition parties.

In Monday's election, Canada's Liberal Party (LP) won 158 out of 338 seats in the House of Commons, which represented just one additional seat compared to the seats it won in the outgoing legislature. .


Canada Holds Parliamentary Elections

Nevertheless, it was the third consecutive victory for the LP leader Justin Trudeau, who declared that Canadian voters have chosen "a progressive plan" and that he is ready to form a new government. The Conservatives have held onto their leading opposition status and are expected to win about 122 seats.

"There are still votes to be counted but what we've seen tonight is millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan," Trudeau said, adding that he is ready to resume implementing his agenda, which includes the fight against climate change, the improvement of the health care system, and the reconciliation process with Canada's Indigenous communities.

Trudeau stated that voters had given the Liberals "a clear mandate." He did not acknowledge, however, they did not give him the absolute majority he requested during the election campaign.


Indeed, the Liberal leader will have to negotiate with other parties, mainly the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), the New Democratic Party (NPD), and the Quebecer Bloc (BQ), to push through his legislative initiatives.

During the electoral campaign, the Liberals had clashed with the Conservatives mainly on the management of COVID-19 vaccines. The Liberals had insisted on the need to vaccinate as many people as possible and had harshly criticized the Conservative position on the issue.

The CPC had opposed the government's decision to make the vaccine mandatory for all public employees and had repeatedly challenged the restrictive measures imposed to contain the pandemic.

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