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Leaks Reveal Trump Left Pact With Iran to Erase Obama's Legacy

  • President Trump departs White House for trip to Trump National Golf Club

    President Trump departs White House for trip to Trump National Golf Club | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 July 2019

The crisis was triggered this past Wednesday by the resignation of the UK ambassador

New leaks from an unknown source about former UK ambassador, Kim Darroch, revealed this Sunday US President Donald Trump withdrew from nuclear agreement with Iran to erase Barack Obama''s legacy.

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Sunday edition of the Journal Mail on Sunday issued such news. The report was a backstory of past week's diplomatic events in which UK representative to the US described Trump's government as inept and dysfunctional.

According to the aforementioned newspaper on Sunday, following a visit to Washington by then UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson last year, Darroch warned London that the US administration had committed an act of 'diplomatic vandalism' when he decided to withdraw from the nuclear pact signed by Western powers with Tehran in 2015.

In his message, the diplomat considers that behind such decision there were ideological and personality motivations, and also points out that nobody in the White House seems capable of articulating a strategy for the 'day after' the agreement's breakdown, and the US State Department also had no plans to explain reasons to allied nations.

The UK journal let the cat out of the bag on Sunday about Darroch's diplomatic secrets despite the warnings issued yesterday by the Metropolitan Police; particularly, by the Deputy Commissioner, Neil Basu, who threatened to demand media outlets if they disclose this kind of top-secret material.

After Basu's statements encouraging the leak's author to surrender to the authorities, several local politicians, among them the candidates to replace Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, and the leader of the Labor opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, agreed to defend the press' right to publish the leaks.

On the other side, Trump reacted to Darroch's views on his government with a string of epithets against the diplomat, whom he accused of being 'stupid' and 'arrogant', and also attacked May, whom he said she had 'foolishly' negotiated the UK controversial exit from the European Union.

The crisis triggered past Wednesday by the resignation of the UK ambassador in spite of the fact that the UK government praised his honesty and expressed to fully support him.

So far, the investigation initiated by Scotland Yard to identify the leak's author has not yielded any results.

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