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Leaked Data Reveal the US is an Unchecked Surveillance Empire

  • The Pentagon in Washington DC, U.S, 2023.

    The Pentagon in Washington DC, U.S, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @PalestineChron

Published 5 May 2023

Espionage is a means by which the U.S. interferes in other countries and achieves its own political goals.

A set of highly classified documents from the U.S. Pentagon were leaked online in recent weeks, in an apparent security breach that revealed U.S. intelligence gathering on some of its key allies. Those documents again shed light on the extensive spying activities conducted by the U.S. in various parts of the world


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For many years, Washington has been spying on the world through electronic eavesdropping and communication interception, with the targets ranging from what it called "strategic competitors" to its European partners.

In May 2021, Denmark's national broadcaster DR News reported that the Danish Defense Intelligence Service had given the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) open Internet access to spy on senior politicians of countries, including then German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The report said that the NSA purposefully obtained data and thus was able to spy on targeted heads of state, as well as Scandinavian leaders, top politicians, and high-ranking officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France.

According to the New York Times, in 2013, documents leaked by Edward Snowden revealed that a new age of U.S. spying had begun after September 2001.

It was clear that the U.S., driven by fears of foreign terrorism and empowered by technological advances, had created a sophisticated network of global surveillance that was scooping up vast amounts of data from millions of emails and phone calls around the world. A decade later, the Pentagon is in the limelight this time.

The highly classified documents leaked from the department also reportedly include military assessments on the Ukraine crisis and CIA reports on a range of global issues. Some experts said that the reported leaks of classified Pentagon documents reveal double standards of the United States.

"In many respects, America has double standards, as it accuses others of what it is doing itself. Double standards are visible in many fields in American politics today," said Hrvoje Klasic, a professor at the University of Zagreb.

Analysts said that the unchecked surveillance is a means by which the United States interferes in other countries and achieves its own political goals.

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