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Jorge Arreaza: The US 'Is Afraid of the Truth of Venezuela'

  • "This is a propaganda operation by the media, to create the conditions for an intervention," said Arreaza. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 16 February 2019

According to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the United States fears Venezuelan speech, and "is afraid of the truth of Venezuela." 

The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza spoke to teleSUR, saying, "the United States is afraid of Venezuela's words, it is afraid of the truth of Venezuela," as a response to the U.S. Department of State's decision to confine Venezuelan Diplomat Samuel Moncada within the city of New York.

US Orders Venezuelan Envoy to UN to Limit Movement to New York City After Scathing OAS Speech

The U.S. State Department ordered the Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations Samuel Moncada, to restrict his stay in the U.S. to New York City. This decision comes a day after he delivered a scathing speech at a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C.

Some OAS representatives, including its Secretary-General Luis Almagro, have been trying to expel Venezuela from the organization.  According to Jorge Arreaza, the U.S. action means to shut out the voice of the legitimate government of Venezuela. "They cannot shut us up in the #OAS. Venezuela will leave the OAS on April 27, 2019, not before. Until that day, we will fulfill our duties," Arreaza said.

According to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, the United States fears Venezuelan speech, and "is afraid of the truth of Venezuela. That is why they decided to restrict Moncada with the simple intention that he can not intervene in the sessions of the Permanent Council of the OAS." He also reiterated that it was Venezuela's decision to leave the OAS in 2017 and that it won't be banned from the organization before April 27.

After which, the Venezuelan diplomat repeated the accusation of robbery for USD$30 billion, at the hands of the Donald Trump administration when exercising coercive measures against Venezuela. He also condemned media propaganda about "humanitarian aid" raised by the United States that aim to push for military intervention.

"If you want to help Venezuela, do not threaten us with war, and return what has been stolen," Moncada said Friday at the OAS, in reference to the resources blocked by the U.S. government, as part of the unilateral and illegal sanctions imposed on the South American country.

Arreaza recognized and applauded the peace and dialogue initiatives offered by negotiations in Montevideo, Uruguay. However, he also stated that Venezuela is ready to respond to whatever threat that may come.


Jorge Arreaza
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