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Jail Awaits Neo-Nazi Who Called for Women's Forced Prostitution

  • Portuguese far-right activist Mario Machado.

    Portuguese far-right activist Mario Machado. | Photo: X/ @dntwit

Published 7 May 2024

The Portuguese Mario Machado is the founder of the National Front and Nova Ordem Social.

On Tuesday, the Criminal Court of Lisbon sentenced far-right extremist Mario Machado to two years and 10 months in prison for inciting hatred on social media, where he called for the "forced prostitution" of left-wing women.


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The sentence from the Portuguese judges also includes Ricardo Pais, who was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison with a suspended sentence.

In his militant history, Machado is portrayed as the founder of neo-Nazi organizations such as the National Front and Nova Ordem Social.

In 2022, he posted messages on social media calling for the forced prostitution of women who are active in or sympathize with parties such as the Left Bloc.

The text reads, "And so Portugal goes... For the first time since the April 25 revolution, 50 right-wing extremists win seats in the Portuguese parliament and celebrate with a Nazi salute."

In one of these messages, the Portuguese neo-Nazi leader directly mentioned Renaa Cambra, a leader of the Socialist Alternative Movement (MAS).

Machado has already faced several legal cases with the Portuguese justice system and has multiple prison sentences for crimes such as assault, racial discrimination, threats, or damages.

In 1997, he and other skinheads were convicted of a violent attack against black citizens. At that time, lawyers determined that Machado struck one of the victims with a "bat-like stick" until he lost consciousness.

That same night, skinheads from the same group murdered the young black man Alcindo Monteiro, although the judges concluded that Machado was not with them at that moment.

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