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IMF, Right Are Leading Ecuador Mr. President: Indigenous Leader

  • Peace talks are being held with the support of the UN and the Catholic Church in Ecuador.

    Peace talks are being held with the support of the UN and the Catholic Church in Ecuador. | Photo: Ecuador TV

Published 13 October 2019

Indigenous organizations' conditions to stop protests are: derogation of Decree 883, dismissal of Ministers of Defense and Interior. 

Talks between Lenin Moreno’s government and Indigenous and Social organizations were held Sunday night but so far no agreement has been reached as both parties are not willing to back down. 

IACHR Urges Ecuador to End Protest Crackdown, Supports Talks

“Here we didn’t come to form committees. Our request is to revoke Decree 883. If this moment this is decided, the country calms down in all the territories,” Ecuadorean Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie) President Jaime Vargas said, adding that it seems that the “International Monetary Fund and the right are managing the country.”

Conaie’s conditions also include the dismissal of Ministers of Defense Oswaldo Jarrin and of Interior Maria Paula Romo, who have led a repressive counter-offensive against protesters throughout the country. As well as amnesty for all detained during the 12 days of protests.

Moreno responded saying that he is willing to sign a new executive order abolishing the before mentioned document, in which the fuel subsidies were eliminated, but no details or concrete actions were presented. The Ecuadorean head of state went on to blame the situation and violence on former President Rafael Correa.

The indigenous leader from Cotopaxi Leonidas Iza said that to hold that Correa is behind the protests and has the capability to mobilize so many people in Quito is “irresponsible and it belittles the Indigenous movement,” telling that economic measures are violent. 

"What is more violent than one day putting US$20 of gasoline for your tractor and the next day having to put US$45 for the same tractor, using money was intended to send our children to school,"‌ Iza said reffering to the united call to derogate Decree 883. 

Iza presented a clear proposal with figures in which he argued that the government must “rethink the economic model,” saying that it is not true that without eliminating fuel subsides dollarization will be endangered. 

He went on to propose that to counter the effects on the poor taxes for the richest tiers of society should be raised, assets from corrupt officials seized and life pensions for former presidents eliminated.

The Minister of Economy and Finance Richard Martinez didn’t offer a counter-proposal to this perspective and continued with the official argument that the fuel subsidies benefited the rich classes within urban cities and traffickers. 

Before a 15-minute break was recommended by the United Nations Representative in Ecuador Arnaud Peral, Indigenous leader from Amazonian peoples Miriam Cisneros gave a heartfelt testimony telling Moreno that "My tears have dried for crying for our dead children. All the fallen brothers may rest in your conscience President."

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